About Newport Bay

Newport Bay Surgery Center is committed to the pursuit of excellence through Quality, Safety, and personalized Service to our patients, each other, and the community. Our location on the seawall at Harbor Marina provides a uniquely beautiful and tranquil setting. With technological advances in microsurgery evolving faster than ever, modern eye surgery requires specialized equipment, nursing, and anesthesia staff. Newport Bay Surgery Center is owned and operated by ophthalmologists, who specialize in serving the unique needs of eye surgical patients. Our Vision is to be recognized as THE Orange County Center of Excellence for ophthalmic surgical services.

Our facility has met accreditation standards for the Health Facilities Accreditation Association (HFAP) and is certified by Medicare. Our Mission is to deliver excellence in outpatient ophthalmic surgical services in a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, user friendly environment, through personalized encounters, by qualified and committed team members. We achieve this by focusing on our Core Values.


  • Quality - Recruiting and retaining the best people for our work, always challenging ourselves to improve through active Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement engagement, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Safety - Assuring patient safety through scrupulous adherence to established processes of standards of care, and critical self-assessment in relentless pursuit of improved patient outcomes.
  • Service - Making sure our internal and external customers are always treated with personal respect, courtesy, compassion and sensitivity.

Our Culture

We understand our staff is our greatest asset. We strive to foster a culture based on mutual respect and accountability. When we treat each other well, our patient experience is enhanced. We hold each other accountable. We accept our work leaves little room for error or inaccuracy. We appreciate the gravity of what we do. Through surgical procedures to improve vision, we are privileged to contribute to improved quality of life for our patients and their families.

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